Fair History

SnowBowl and Marshall ski patrols realized that young-sters would be learning to ski each year with ill-fitting, hand-me-down equipment. 

They held the first ski swap in 1968 in the basement of a bank. The swap grew and moved to the fairgrounds, moved to Adams Center and now is held at Big Sky High School. 

2018 marked the 50th annniversary sale. Our mission is promoting family outside recreation of skiing, boarding and other outdoor winter sports.

 To Be Announced

We are unable to use the Big Sky HS gyms

this year so are searching for a location to hold the fair within our budget. 

Suggestions welcome.



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The SOS Fair Board 




  • 1. Every item must have a tag. (each boot, pole, outfit in case one gets separated from the item)
  • 2. Print your tags on sturdy material, not printer paper unless backed by duct or packing tape.
  • 3. Securely attach the tags using safety pins, zip ties, wire, etc.
  • 4. Think about the tag location. Might some use it as a zipper pull and tear it off, is it in a location that is hard to find? Suggestions:
    • ​​a. pocket zippers.​
      b. brand or size label

  • 5. Attach the tag to the item itself, not to wrappers or boxes. New items like skis that are wrapped will be opened up by buyers to have a look and your tag will be lost.
  • ​6. Small items should be placed in a heavy duty zip lock so the items are visible but not a temptation to be opened. Tape the bag shut, put one tag inside and attach one to the outside.
SOS FAIR - 2020
November 9 & 10

Gear Check-in SATURDAY 9 - 5 

Sale SUNDAY 10 - 3

Unsold equipment return SUNDAY 5-6

no exceptions assign pickup to another person

​​​​​Fair Location

Big Sky High School

Interested in a Booth?

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 TAGGED Saturday at the fair

  • A maximum of 25 items (a pair counts as one item) can be tagged at the fair and will be charged a 25% fee due to the cost of materials.

  • There will be express lines for people with 5 items or less. Paired items count as one. One pair of boots, one pair of skis.

  • There will be express lines for people with 6-10 items. Paired items count as one. One pair of boots, one pair of skis.


 PRE-tagged check in​​

  • Only clean winter appropriate clothing in good condition will be accepted


  • All clothing will be on hangers prior to check-in. There will be hangers in the entry for your convenience.

  • Equipment should be current and usable. Damaged, cracked, broken or out of date equipment won't be accepted.